How to get the Class of an Object in Ruby

Published: Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Greetings, friends! As you may know, the Ruby programming language is a pure object-oriented language. Practically everything in Ruby is an object. This means we can use the Object#class method to get the name of any object's class.

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puts 0.class # Integer
puts 3.14.class # Float
puts "".class # String
puts false.class # FalseClass
puts true.class # TrueClass
puts nil.class # NilClass
puts [].class # Array

hash = {foo: 0, bar: 1, baz: 2}
puts hash.class # Hash

class FancyClass
  def saySomethingFancy
    puts "How Quaint"

fancyPerson =
puts fancyPerson.class # FancyClass
You can try out this code by copying and pasting it to run.rb.

Getting the class name of an object is useful for learning the internals of Ruby or a Ruby library. You can also use the Object#class method to help you debug Ruby code. Sometimes, you may need to figure out where a variable's class is defined or what class it belongs to.