How do you switch between languages on the search page?

There is an icon on the top-right corner of the screen on the search page. Click this icon to toggle between English, the transliteration of Persian in English letters, and Persian using Persian letters.

How do you search for words?

On the search screen, there is an empty field near the top of the screen. If you start typing in letters, the app will automatically search for words that have those letters in the exact order you type them in. The search feature will work differently depending on if you have toggled between English, the transliteration, or Persian. If you want to search for words using the transliteration, then you need to first toggle the screen to list words using transliterations. Then, you can search for the transliteration of Persian words in the search bar. Similarly, you can toggle the page to display words in Persian and then proceed to search for words using a Persian keyboard on your device.


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Azadi Tower: Photo by Alireza Heydarifard on Unsplash

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